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Flute Lessons

All levels, all ages
Date & Time
By Appointment


Cara offers enriching opportunities for flute musicians at every level. Early beginners can learn the fundamentals of playing the flute and music reading in a supportive group environment to get them started on their musical journeys.


Students are expected to practice flute assignments at home, and therefore need daily access to a flute in order to improve their performance ability. 

Is this program for you?

There are so many music resources available for learning music nowadays, especially online! But if you really want to get ahead in your saxophone playing, you’ll need the expertise of an experienced teacher and the accountability of private lessons. You can spend hours at home practicing on your own, but you’ll be missing out on one crucial element: feedback. Even if you’re just learning to play for fun, the extra attention from a private teacher can do wonders for your playing. Cara has been teaching and performing music for over a decade and has the expertise needed to guide you on your music journey!