Listen to one of my live performances!


The Young Creative Musicians Ensemble’s first public performance was at Al’s Bar on Sunday, August 7th, 2016. This concert was freely improvised in its entirety and was a tremendous success! Young Creative ME was joined by Raleigh Dailey on electronics for this debut performance.


2016 Young Creative Musicians Ensemble

“Who knows what fear you may have squelched or what dream you may have stirred in them by getting them on a stage and playing in front of a live audience!” – Terri H.


The Young Liberated Musicians Ensemble (YLME) was established in an effort to provide beginning band students with an outlet for open exploration of their instruments and founded to foster the love of collective free improvisation and sound. Created in 2013, the group was initially formed based on recommendation by band directors in the Scott County Schools District. You can check out recordings from the early rehearsal sessions below; please keep in mind that these students had only been playing their instruments for a few months at the time.

Reincarnated in February of 2016 as the Young Creative Musicians Ensemble (Young Creative ME), the group is now a quartet comprised of students ages 13, 14, and 15 years of age.