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Join me (and my doodles) from my kitchen for virtual yoga. <3

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Elemental Yoga is a class designed to bring you into harmony with your unique inner landscape. Through embodiment of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – we become more in tune with our world. By bringing greater attention to the role the elements play and the lessons they teach, we find greater balance in our daily living. Elemental Yoga does not rely on conforming oneself to an external authority, not even that of the yoga teacher. It is suitable for all abilities as it is deeply rooted in the acceptance of our imperfectability.

While practicing in the earth element, we gain awareness through paying attention to the foundation of our bodies. The alignment and engagement of our hands and feet are critical in bringing structure and stability into our movement.

The water element teaches us to go with the flow, to be adaptable. Poses become connected in a style similar to vinyasa when moving in the water element. Here we can learn to be more expressive and expansive with the way we transition between postures.

In the fire element, we stoke the endless energy of life and ignite the internal flame. We build heat and twists are often incorporated to wring out the toxins that come to the surface as we sweat.

Understanding the element of air brings lightness and an effortless quality to our practice because here we can use our breath to carry us wherever we wish to go. Students are encouraged to maintain ujjayi breathing the entire class. Space is the place where all of the elements dance. Here is the chanting and music, as well as the evolutionary practice of yoga.

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  • Cara brings so much joy to my yoga practice! I’ve learned so much from her above and beyond postures and movements. I’m able to love my body as it is and melt away chronic pain and stress. She is gentle, knowledgeable and most of all fun. Her class is my happy place.

    Yoga Student
  • I met Cara 4 years ago when I was thinking about discontinuing yoga. Cara was a breath of fresh air! She is a naturally gifted teacher, bursting with joy, enthusiasm, kindness, gentleness, patience and compassion for her students! Cara, thank you for helping me on my journey toward wellness. Namaste!

    Yoga Student